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Nov-Feb Winter Mini Exchange


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First of two, going to try to get this in the post this week, but we will see how work goes! One down, one to go! Hope the recipient likes it!post-4134-12922207689149_thumb.jpgpost-4134-12922207936701_thumb.jpg


Cerebro, What did you make your base out of the rocks are especially realistic.


I use Fish Tank Gravel, crazy glue them to the base where tye fit nicely, brush on some PVA glue and dip it in dirt. Once dry I primer it, paint it (black on the rocks, they dry brush with medium grey and highlight drybrush with dolphine grey) and Browns on the dirt (Burnt Umber dark, highlight with real brown). On this base I added a little twig, painted it to look like rotting wood, clipped and bent some push pins, painted those for the shrooms, and then added some dark green and burnt grass fine flock for a "moldy" fungul look. Once I finish the next and post some pics you'll see where I vary the terrain details, although the base will be very similar, just taking it from a fungal covered forrest floor to a road on the plains!

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