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It's been increasingly rare that I've had the chance to put paints on minis these days, but I made time the last 2 months and thought I would share a group shot of some of my efforts.



If anyone wants to see more details on anything (these are all pretty much tabletop quality), let me know and I'll take some individual shots before I hide them away in safety.


Edited to include a better image.

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@mercoutlaw: The figures in the back are from two places. On the ends are CSO figures from the Rezolution game line by Aberrant, and in the center are Assault Troopers from Copplestone Castings future wars.


@malefactus: These are definitely from different genres and wouldn't work well together as a team. Just a shot of what I had gotten done. Also kind of representative of how I switch around between things so I don't get bored. I do love Lysette as well, and she was so much fun to paint I may do another version one of these days. Thanks for the feedback!

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