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60036: Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa


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This is my take on Vibaronetess Delour Aulamaxa, painted for the Reaper collection. (Though I was a bit loathe to give her up once she was finished!) I liked the mini as soon as I saw the sculpt. It's rare to see figures representing larger physiques, especially for women. And rarer still for those to be done as more sympathetic characters rather than as gross or buffonish characters. I also really liked the theatricality of the character - the over-the-top hairstyle, the elaborate dress and jewelry, and the stage makeup.


I painted her to match the cover artwork. This is the second or third time I've painted something to match artwork, and it's an interesting challenge. Hopefully Pathfinder fans will feel that I did a satisfactory job with that!


I got the idea for the shattering glass about half-way through the painting. My initial test didn't quite turn out, but it did suggest that my material of choice might work. I modelled my second attempt after the breaking glass picture on this page. To construct the glass, I cut up a clear plastic brush protector. I varied the shapes between roughly triangular and more elongated. I cut up a bunch more than I thought I would need, to give me a choice of shapes and in case of pieces getting lost. Then I used fine tipped tweezers and superglue to glue the pieces together roughly in the shape of a shattering goblet. I glued the pieces on to a small circle of blister plastic and then glued that to the table. A little bit fiddly, but not super difficult to do.


I think the glass effect was at least partly inspired by a figure I saw several years ago and haven't been able to find since. Someone did a version of Privateer Press' original Eiryss falling backwards out a breaking window. I believe the painter said s/he made the broken glass with blister pack plastic. If anyone has a link to that picture, please let me know!

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Nice work Rhonda!!


Nice to see that followed the cover as when I ever get to her, I'm gonna try & replicate that version as well.


The goblet just adds to the overall awesomeness of the entire piece, nice!



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That is incredible. I like this mini for all of the same reasons that you mentioned, but for some reason, I couldn't justify buying, but now seeing yours, I do not feel a need to justify it, I just want one. Thank you for posting. Thank also for post the how-to on the shattered glass.

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Wow, what a great mini, and you've really brought her to life with the paintwork. Reminds me of something from a twisted Disney movie. Her hair really steals the show, love the way that came out, very convincing effect.


Aye! Very good analogy there!


The figure is excellent. Every bit is so crisp and in-place. ::D:

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