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Nov-Feb Mini Exchange II


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Well, the rules are just like the other exchange:




1. Must be a Reaper Mini, but can be from any line current or retired


2. Minis must be shipped NO LATER THAN Feb 28 2011



PM me with the following:


1. Name - John Doe

2. Shipping address - 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Hell, Michigan 66666 USA

3. Contact number or Email 987-654-3210, [email protected]

4. What would you like to paint? I love demons and Klockenbooty

5. What won't you paint? I'll paint anything.

6. What would you like to receive? A Western or Superhero figure from Chronoscope, or a Pathfinder mini.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Here's who's in so far:




1. Mercoutlaw

2. Hobbitmom

3. Rgtriplec

4. Humansquish

5. Herzogbrian

6. TomBom

7. cookjimjr

8. Lawgiver

9. Feanor

10. Ajii

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Well, I got the figures on order Friday. I had a hard time deciding what I thought would work the best, seeing how I will be breaking some new ground catagory wise, but I picked up a few to work on and I guess the best looking one will head out. I think having a few to choose from will also help if I end up with a mini that had a poor mold job or some excessive fixing/clean up. I should recieve them either just before Thanksgiving or just after. I will update my progress from there probably during the second weekend of December.

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I actually got mine a week ago and am just finishing them up.



Way to be on the ball man. I had to wait and clear it with wife, before I could order them. I would have went shopping at a game store here, but the Hobby Town near me only carries 40k stuff. I have never seen a Reaper figure there. There are other stores, but none close enough for me to want to drive to, so I guess I wait. I will be done long before February though.

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