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So I officially have my second faction under way and it is the Mercenaries. I Picked the mercs because it seemed the best to use the proxy law with, there are just some awesome pirate models, and I like using Minotaurs for ogres. Here is my starting 500 points army. What are your thoughts on it. My main concern is the low DV (I come from playing a Bull Orc heavy Reven force). Thanks all.


Mercs 499


Troop 1

Minotaur x3


Troop 2

Mack Hardwick

Shad Coalshadow

Eredain with shadow armor

Street Thug x4

Pirate x4

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Mercs have low DV compared to my other main army, but they can really kill stuff fast. I was worried about the low DV, but it didn't matter that much. Minotaurs are good. Troop 2 I don't know about. Street Thugs seem pretty weak. For 10 more points I buy Ronin. The pirates are a neat touch. This could be a fun 500 pointer.

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What I've found that I really like about Merc soldier models, is that they are very light on SAs. This tends to result in them being fairly singular in purpose, but at the same time, it usually makes them pretty cheap. You get excellent "bang for the buck" this way, which usually means that you can field more of them for the same points value vs. other factions. 14 models at 500 points is nothing to sneeze at, considering that my typical army at 1K is only about 7 models more than that. And none of those models in your list is less than 2 DTs. I think it will probably play pretty well.



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