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Echidnox the Hedgehog


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Hello! It been a while since I have posted anything here, but I wanted to show off a present for my daughter's birthday. I picked this piece because it captures her demeanor perfectly...




I had fun with this one. The metallics are done with the "shaded metallics" technique I've grown to like. I also have offically been inducted into the purple and teal cult. The basework was my first use of some real foliage.


Thanks to Talespinner for his thoughtful insight on this one!


If you have the inclination to vote:



As always, comments and critiques welcome and if you have any questions, let me know!

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Not to sound like a broken record or anything... but egad, that sword! That sword! It's AMAZING!


Should also point out that the rest of the mini & the basing show off some serious talent as well.


What are those reddish pointy things on the base? Are those mushrooms? If not, please disregard the following: You do realize that it is against the miniatures painter's code of conduct to add mushrooms to the base unless they're very young specimens of the species amanita muscaria, AKA fly agaric - ie. the bright red ones with the ball-shaped caps and white spots - right? You have been Warned... ::D:


Seriously though, this is a beautiful mini - I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more of your stuff. Your daughter is sure to love it once she's old enough to appreciate it a little more.


PS. Anyone else find this mini's name sometimes makes them think too much? (If it's just me, well, I won't be too surprised...) Echidnox sounds like he's an echidna-man the way platypod is a platypus-man. Makes sense; an echidna (AKA spiny anteater) is a monotreme (AKA egg-laying mammal) just like the platypus (AKA venom-spined beaverduck)... Yet this guy is clearly a hedgehog, hence "the Hedgehog" in his name. Easy enough to ignore when you figure that hedgehogs are marsupials, nature's 2nd place most freakish type of animals after the monotremes, thus close enough to share a piece of caeke... except that they're not. Marsupials, that is, though for some reason it is a very tempting belief. So I say, Echidnox the Hedgehog is an enigma shrouded in a conundrum wrapped in a burrito. Which, of course, only adds to his appeal. </ramble>



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Outstanding work! Excellent shaded metallics, solid color choices, compelling facial expression, very nice basing, crisp execution overall.

I also like the range of values that you achieved on the purple hair-spines.

One minor point: I would have used darker shading/lining on the beige parts (pouch, bow-straps, etc.). Since you have used such dark lining on the bracers and belt-buckle, the lack of lining on the beiges makes them look unfinished or not quite solid.


Looking forward to seeing more of your posts in the future,


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Thanks again, everyone! I really appreciate the critical look this little guy.


@Wumby--I posted a step by step for my technique on a previous mini here: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/37059-shaded-metallics/page__p__531836__fromsearch__1entry531836


On Echidnox, the highlights were broader then on the slayer. I also took the shading deeper and more broad as well. The recipe is unchanged, though.

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