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Warlord bonus postmortem


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Does the bonus granted by a Warlord cease after the Warlord dies? The description says "When fielding a Warlord the following benefits are gained:".

  • One side of the debate said he was fielded at the start of the game and the bonus is granted as if it's a faction bonus for taking the warlord.
  • The other side said it's the Warlord's presence that brings the bonus and the bonus is built into the pts of the model. When the model is destroyed, the bonus is



Several of the bonuses vary in their application. Some are exclusive to the Warlord, others are Troop specific and don't make sense to take away from the unit when the leader dies. (e.g. Darkreach's Sinisthreax gives all models poison. Why would that leave if the Warlord is dead?)

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