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OK, ignore me. I don't mind! Really! I don't!


OK, I'm better now.

*Tiny little whimper*

How about a real easy question then? Will someone answer me if I make it really easy? When will the November CAVs finally come out?

Oh, and may I suggest a crying little yellow face, we seem to have every emotion except grief/sadness/depression. Thats all. You can recomense ignoring me...................................Now.

*Breaks into tears with renewed fervor*

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I am not the holder of release sheets but I did have this floating about in my notes...

November Releases


Naginata Tank (2)

Outlaw AFV (2)

Revenant CAV

Vindicator AT


December Releases


Raider AT (x2)

Ryoshi AFV (x2)

Starhawk VI CAV

Stiletto AFV (x2)


no Wolverine or Ronin yet.

Maybe the Holder of Release Sheets will be able to jump in here with more answers for you...



cher ^_^

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Whatever happened to a miniature of an infantry sargeant, I remember seeing it sometime among the greens, but never saw the release of it. It is, I suspect, on the 25-28 mm range, same as that special edition General Whatchamacallit.


You know which one I'm talking about, so, c'mon, tell! :rock:

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Hmm, it seems (assuming Ladystorm's list is the updated ones) we've skipped October and put everything back a month.


That means, that 07087 Mitso-Ta Ronin will be released in January and 0709 KDM Wolverine is slated for release in February.


Again, I'm not the Holder of the Release Sheets, but I did copy the last lot of release sheet info we were given.


Hope this helps.

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