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Nothing to worry about.


If you're really concerned, if you do a lot of filing/conversion work that involves filing = wash your hands when you're done/before you eat.


If all you're doing is buying them to primer and paint, nothing to fear at all.

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This may have been answered, but I couldn't find it.


Regarding the P-65 figures, is there anything different in safely working with them, due to the lead?

Once upon a time ordinary folk were so stern, hardy, rugged, and tough-minded they'd drink tap water that came from lead pipes. They'd buy toy soldiers that were made solely from lead, advertised as lead soldiers, and painted with paint that contained lead. (Amazingly, and against all odds, civilization carries on...)



We're so soft and squishy these days it's pitiful :upside:



Just don't handle P-65s, eat a potato crisp, handle the P-65, grab some more chips,...etc. And dremeling wearing a dust mask isn't a bad idea. You might also sweep up any filings or shavings that result from converting, sawing, and pinning with hand tools. (I put shavings in a little box that will someday return to Reaper via metal-trade-in.) For that matter the same precautions are not unwise with pewter. Just because it's Bismuth, mostly Tin, Copper, Antimony and whatever else doesn't mean it's safe to ingest. It's metal; try not to eat any.

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