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Season of the Witch


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I saw this the other night and was fairly impressed. Although it looks pretty much like the girl is definitely a which, which kinda ruins the whole is she/isn't she thing that the movie is supposed to be about, right? :blink:


And it would totally rock if somebody made a Solomon Kane movie - so long as they kept it dark and serious. Man, I haven't thought about that comic in years!

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Geez. Ask and ye shall receive I guess. http://www.solomonkanethemovie.com/


Looks pretty good!



Update - man, does anyone know anything about this movie? From what I've seen about it, it actually came out last year, but I can't find it anywhere. I never saw any ads for it here in the States, its not on Redbox or on Best Buy's website. Is it just not available in the USA?

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Wikipedia claims the following on the release of the Soloman Kane movie:




Solomon Kane's world premiere was on 16 September 2009 at the Toronto Film Festival. The film was featured at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con, which Basset and Purefoy both attended. Lions Gate Films has acquired the film to be released in 2010. It was released in France on 23 December 2009. It was released in Spain on 1 January 2010. The United Kingdom theatrical release was on 19 February 2010; in its first week it opened at seventh place in the UK top ten with a weekend gross of £611,886 across 259 cinemas.


Home media

The DVD was released in the UK on 28 June 2010. It was the best selling DVD in week commencing 5 July 2010."


Seeing as how the video torrent has been available for illegal downloading for over 6 months now, I think it unlikely that we will see a theatrical release in the US, it may go straight to DVD sometime in the future.

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I like Perlman a lot, and am looking forward to seeing him in the new Conan movie. Cage has disappointed me with his last several. I hope Season of the Witch turns out good, or at least a decent popcorn flick. I can't decide if I'll take the time to go see it or wait.

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Big Solomon Kane fan. First the books, then some of the comics. The movie was OK. Not in keeping with the original book themes. Much like the original Conan movie deviating from the original Conan stories, but borrowing various scenes. But the Solomon Kane movie provided action and fantasy adventure and acting on a par with the Pirates of the Caribbean without the humor. It may be available on eBay or Half.com. I was lucky to have a friend going overseas who got a copy.


I am hoping that Season of the Witch is good. I really want to have a pseudo Solomon Kane movie to watch beyonf Van Helsing. I really love the trailer, we saw it on the big screen before Harry Potter I think.

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I'll admit that Cage isn't the greatest actor, but over the past decade or so he's seemed to transition to the phase of his career where he's simply doing movies b/c he enjoys them. Super heroes, fantasy, treasure hunters, undead drivers of both motorcycles and cars. I could be totally off, but he seems to be one of the few in Hollywood who gets that what he does is entertainment, nothing more. (like saving the world or only doing "serious" projects)


I like him for that. ::):

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I agree about Cage. He may not be the greatest actor but he does entertain yah.


(technically he did try to save the world in that one movie where the Sun blows up the Earth & all the kids are saved by eco-aliens :blink: :blink: :blink:::D: )


Probably wait till this one hits dvd before I see it. While I seen Tron:Legacy in the theater & I loved it, anymore my movie watching is the tv at home. Thou with allot of movies coming this year my son wants to see, I think we'll be upping our 2 or 3 movies per year average :lol:

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I'm wondering why the director used blacklight illumination in a scene or two. It didn't detract that much, but it left me scratching my head.


It was definitely a good enough movie. Opened strong, loved the first few battle scenes, but they had to get all

anvilicious about the crusaders as soon as possible :hmm:. IMHO the Dante's Inferno game inspired animation handled it far better where the audience learned of the main characters specific atrocities over time.




Freshly undead witch sprouting its claws. Near the end, the movie did dip a bit in quality notably when they stopped being subtle with the CG. The wolves having "Magic fang"

cast on them worked nicely... at first. Unfortunately during that scene the audience is shown that

the wolves

have this upgrade over and over just in case someone missed it the first 3 times.


The fight with the

Undead monks

felt like something I'd expect to see in Buffy.


The CG model on the


was good, though with better choreography and voice acting i think there would have been a better finale. but since that's the kinda work done in post, the CGer's had to work with what they had.


It is hard to say how much of the bashing of the movies by the critics is legitimate. it is not a 'quality' movie but it felt to me like several reviewers were bashing the movie because it did not portray the

church negatively enough for their tastes.


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