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Silk is hard to emulate. It's reflective, and shiny, so a technique similar to NMM may be called for. I recommend doing some Google image searches on "silk" and trying to find a color that is similar to what you are trying to pull off. Study the highlights and shadows and where they fall; emulating silk in 2D is essentially a study in light and how it plays off of reflective surfaces. You will find that there is relatively little midtone; all is highlight and shadow and how they relate to each other. It is hard to pull off in 28mm because you don't have a lot to work with, but it has been done; study Sue Wachowski's Fairy Princess, especially the back view:


Arianna, Fairy Princess


That's the closest to convincing I've seen it done at that scale. ::):


Good luck!



Edit/p.s.: Oh, and if you're looking for the cheap and easy way...mix a demi-metallic that's close to the color you're looking for (Pearl White + appropriate color) and glaze it over the surface after you've done your base, shadows, and highlights. :;):

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