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The Mighty Grum

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Here is my finished "The Mighty Grum" by Tre Manor. I really wish you guys could hold this guy in your hand and look at him. My lack of proper lighting is REALLY REALLY killing my pictures. I am using only one lamp to take these and my wife has kept telling me all year that I can't buy any because she is going to get me a light box and lamps for Christmas. Anyway ebough complaining on my part. I am really proud of how this guy turned out, except what I am proud of is kind of drowned out in the pics due to the lighting.


As always this mini was a complete joy to paint, as every thing I have ever painted by Tre Manor has been, some of the best sculpts I have ever laid a brush on. I wanted to keep the basing simple on this one, instead of going for an elaborate display base like I have done for my last few minis. I hope you guys enjoy him.



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Should have named him "The mighty grum-py" ;)


Now now, he'd have to swap it out for a pick, and then there'd be this snow white human looking thing nearby... ::P:


I really like how this turned out. I loved the WIP, but the base really sets this guy off. Great work!

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Thanks! This has probably been one of the more well received of all the miniatures I have done to date, which is funny because I tried to keep it simple instead of trying to do anything elaborate and pushing myself. I am about to start on another Tre Manor mini this weekend, and am going to really try to push myself on it, so it was nice to take it easy on this guy, but still have such good results...I think I am finally starting to find my groove as a painter. Anyway, that was really long winded, so thanks again everyone for all the kind comments.

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