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"Fearless" clarifications

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1. Correct, Fearless would negate the Shaken model state, but would not allow a model failing a discipline roll to break b2b to actually break b2b.

2. Correct also. Fearless actually does nothing against the Nauseating SA, as that SA doesn't give the Shaken effect, which is what Fearless prevents.


Fearless and Discipline Checks is always a bit of a mind bend. I think it's a symptom suffered by the typical wargamer who plays 2 or 3 different wargames. We tend to think of Fearless as "passes all discipline checks" when in reality that's just not the case. I know I've made that assumption on more than one occasion.

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I think it's fine. There are enough Fearless models out there that having Fearless models auto pass Dis checks would have been a huge bummer for the models that really rely on models failing DIS to survive. Nauseate models, etc.. Often those are rough and tumble types offensively, but may not have the goods defensively.


It does create an awkward rules-to-brain situation, but once you get your head around it it's simple enough.


Also, immunity to Shaken is about as solid as it comes!

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