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Kristof's Second Semi-Regular Conversion Mini Exchange


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Awesome, glad you like him! Just be a little careful with his helm area, I'm still working on my greenstuff skills and that area is fairly thin / possibly mooshy. I wasn't sure how to make it more sturdy without it looking weird. ::):

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For some reason I can't update the initial post, so I'll put my changes here:


PMs Received


1. BlueWeasel - Done (pic posted a few posts below)

2. Zinzig - Done (Pic posted here)

3. Humansquish - Shipped

4. Feanor - Done

5. Froggy the Great - Done

6. WizardOne -

7. Ajii -

8. Herzogbrian - Done

9. Mercoutlaw - reported shipped

10. Kristof65 - Done (pic posted here)

11. Warlordgarou - shipped

12. Sethoman - Done

13. Anne - Done (pic posted here)


27 Feb 11: I haven't been very proactive on keeping people on track for this exchange, that changes today. Because I'm behind, I'm officially changing the due date by a week for those slackers like me, but it will be my only extension. If you haven't got yours done and shipped, let's get cracking. I've noted who's reported shipped and received, please let me know if you have shipped and/or recieved yours. Also, I'd like to see some photos of some of the conversions posted.

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Grrr - I'm getting confused as to whom owes whom what. I'm not at the computer that has my tracking spreadsheet, so I'm flipping back and forth between PMs, and I think I just sent a bunch of messages to the wrong people. So if I just confused you further, sorry - I'll look at it again tonight when I can do proper tracking.


Anyway, I think I show three people still need to finish up and ship, while three more have shipped, but their minis haven't arrived yet.


The three people who need to finish up are:





Three of you who are still waiting should have either just recently recieved yours, or should see it any day now. Let me know when you do.


And now for more pleasant news - I haven't had time to take photos of it myself, but I just remembered that Blueweasel sent me a pic of the conversion he did, so I can share it:




A nice addition to my NOVA Corp force.

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Nope, I'm in the right one. It's just for some reason it won't let me update any of my posts on the first page of the thread.


Anyway, still waiting word from some of you as to when you'll ship, and others as to if they've received theirs yet. Please let me know.

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