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Brood Dragon in Previews?


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Well then I am not getting this one. Sorry but I just don't like this dragon at all. I will have to look elsewhere for my Broodmaster. I expected more from Reaper, especially for a mini constantly being pushed back. Wasn't it supposed to be a Reptus warlord riding a big dragon?

Oh well, save some money I guess...

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No, it is not a WIP. It just doesn't have the Rider. As I understand it, they (the dragon and the rider) are going to be released seperately. The dragon is being released as a DHL sku (most likely so that it hits the larger "general fantasy" market, for stores that don't carry the WL line), and the rider will have the WL sku when it is released.


Regarding the appearance of the dragon, compare it and the existing Brood models. She is basically a larger version of them, plus wings. The scaling and body structure are very similar. She carries the thematic elements of the existing Reptus. Having seen her up close and in-person, I think that the picture doesn't do her justice.



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This dragon is roughly the same size as Lavarath.




Mr. Williams made his dragon this size on purpose, so it too would fit in a blister pack.


As the entire Reptus line will be leaving the catalog this coming year (still available on-line) we made the decision to release the dragon into Dark Heaven. When the part number goes live, so will the Brood Master rider 14549. This Warlord part number will not be "released" as it would be NICed after Jan first anyhow. So, when this goes live, the Brood Master rider (who is the actual Warlord) will be "bits" for this dragon and this dragon will be bits for the rider under the Warlord part number.


The rider has no separate base as the dragon is his base. :)


At some point, we plan on converting the rider into a model that does have a base and releasing that into Dark Heaven as well.

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See those two TINY triangles in the bottom right corner of the picture? Those are at 1/2" and 1".....Should give you some idea of size.


This dragon is roughly the same size as Lavarath...[ snip ]...


Mr. Williams made his dragon this size on purpose, so it too would fit in a blister pack...[ snip ]...


I fiddled around with both images in Paint. (Drew a ruler based on the Bryangles on each image.) I got roughly* 75mm ( 3" ) from heel to the highest point of the neck arch and 4.5" ( 115mm or so ) from heel to the highest point on the wings for both dragons.


The Lavarath image has a VERY useful shadow emanating from the base of the Bryangles, it helps to establish where the base of the Bryangle fixture was and that in turn helps nail down what part of the mini the triangles are in scale with. Anybody that is curious about the true appearance of the Bryangle fixture should look at http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/14530/latest/14530 and of course this thread http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/36809-how-high-are-the-triangles/ is helpful.


*(approximately, about, almost, 'purt near, an estimated, . . . )

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