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Material for snow

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Hey everyone,


What is a good material to use for snow on bases that looks good? I picked up GW's snow but it looks pretty bad. It's a real fine grass-like material. It looks like white shaving stubble to me.


It did not give the effect I was hoping for which was a nice smooth snow covering rather then fuzzy.


I've heard of people using baking soda?


Any orother suggestions?

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If you're ok with spending $$, I know Gale Force Nine has snow for terrain. I'm not sure what it's like, though. Personally the only snow material I've used is from Skullcrafts, but it was a little bag that came in a kit. It's really nice, it's kind of like flock but smaller particles and a few shiny bits to make it sparkle. I like to lay down fine white sand + glue then sprinkle the 'snow' over that, then pack it down with my fingers. That way it's not too fluffy but still looks soft, plus you're not wasting a ton of snow building up (that's what the sand is for, I mean.)


Hope that helped.




Here's Gale Force Nine's snow: http://www.thewarstore.com/product26662.html And here's "tundra/ash flock foundation" whatever that is. http://www.thewarstore.com/product37041.html


That's a good online shop imo, good prices etc. Though that stuff should be available just about anywhere you like to shop. :o


ETA- Beast, Skullcrafts now sells all their kit stuff separate. http://www.skullcrafts.com/flock_scatter.htm

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can't get much better than baking soda and elmers glue.


If you want thick patches then mix it into a paste first, apply to the area you want the snow in and then sprinkle more soda on top and let it sit overnight. Shake it off in the morning and it looks like snow.


Do a few test runs first just to make sure your glue isn't bad (yes it happens) and to get the consistency of the paste just right.

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I recently picked up some Insta-Snow. You mix it with water and it looks and feels like real snow. It's even cold. If you let it dry out again, it goes back to a powder, so it's reusable. It's supposed to be for scenic window displays and things. I was thinking of trying to mix it with Elmer's to see if it would keep from drying out. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll be experimenting soon.

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