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Argh.. Has anyone had this happen?


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Phew. Ok so a little back history; I've been listing alot of stuff to sell on ebay, both minis I paint and also some awesome older miniatures from a friend of mine (oracleartist on here). He's helping me survive as an artist, and I'm selling some of his spare minis. He is truly a hero to me. So I'm basically starting out listing lots of stuff and I offer combined shipping on them.


So here is my situation. I have one person in particular (I will be polite and not name them in case they are a mini hobbyist here or something) who has emailed me on two separate occasions about the auctions I list, telling me in pretty rude terms and language that he thinks I have shill bidding going on (because the bidders are bidding in small increments and there are a few auctions that have the same high bidder)and that I'm somehow in concert with these people to jack the prices up. His arguments don't make any sense, and his whole tone is really negative. In my entire time selling on ebay he's been the sole bad experience. Which is really amazing because he has never bought anything! He has bid and then cancelled the bids with a follow up harrassing, condescending email about what he thinks I'm doing wrong. He then has the gall to tell me how I should be just listing for buy it now or with a reserve, and that I'm ruining the ebay marketplace.


So I ask you, what is up with this guy?? The first time I got his mail, I was really shocked that someone would talk to someone they don't know like that. But my reply was polite and I thought maybe he was new too and just not understanding, so I explained about the combo shipping and that I didn't know the fellow from Austrailia who was bidding on more than one item. I get no response back, but I don't give it too much thought.


So I go to check my messages today and find a new mail from the same guy, same situation, he bid, cancelled it and mailed me again in the same vein of accusations of shill bidding, and why don't I "just f'ing post it as buy it now" and that I'll lose lots of customers and that "I've lost one already, him".


Which is not really true, he's never been a customer who has bought anything in the first place, just a crazy window shopper...


So I've replied back to him with a less than polite response. I didn't flip out ompletely or anything but I told him I didn't appreciate the negativity and asked him to not bother himself with my listings in the future. I don't feel I need to explain myself or how ebay works to this guy a second time around...


Ok sorry I'm venting about this, it's the holidays, I'm with family and just really angry at this guy. Is there any way to report a customer on ebay for harrassment? Thanks in advance for any suggestions, and I apologize for the ebook.

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Ignore him/her.


The Internet is filled with socially inept people because the one thing that keeps these people somewhat in check in reality isn't present on the Internet (contact). Just write off this person's complaints as those of someone craving the attention and approval that they don't need but are told to by society that they do; while possessing none of the skills that are really the pre-requisite for them to do so.


Better yet, don't just ignore him/her; report him/her to eBay for harassment, but whatever you do don't actually respond to them.


That being said, I have some inkling of where he/she is coming from. I just got through an auction where I was outbid by 50¢ twice and then at the same time the auction ends, I get an eBay message from the seller telling me that the high bidder backed out and that I was being offered the lot for the price I had last bid. I knew then and there what was going on, but being the collector and consumer whore (thanks again, society!) that I am I bought it. Seller: 1 - Steel Rabbit: 0.


Normally I figure out what the most I would ever pay for an item would be then I bid that amount and eBay bids up to that for me, and if I don't get it, then it obviously was out of my price range, but this time I didn't follow my model and I got grifted. But really, it's not the end of the world, I got the item for a reasonable price, and the shipping turnaround was quick. I would've just liked to not be treated like a rube.


So yeah, contact eBay, and ignore this person's disparaging comments.


Merry Christmas.

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So I ask you, what is up with this guy?? . . .

I have no idea. IMO, it is not worth knowing. File it under: "...Really Don't Want to Know..."


I think you are doing nothing wrong. Run your auctions as you see fit. Your auctions; your rules.


As far as I can tell you made only two mistakes and they were:


But my reply was polite . . .


So I've replied back to him with a less . . .

If he sends a third missive (you have acknowledged his existence so there is a good chance) just delete without reading.

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My two cents...I've set my auctions to US only and I get at least one request per group of minis I sell, from someone across the pond, asking if I'll ship it overseas and I reply no, but it's always the same person. I respond to be polite, but I've probably told this guy 10 times now that I don't ship overseas cause it's a hassle, no other reason. I always end up selling multiple minis to the same person, sometimes half the number of mini's I've listed (I usually list 8-10 at a time). I've never been accused of shill bidding with the same basic selling pattern you have. I'd just ignore him, report him if he does it again and ban him from bidding on your auctions.



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Thanks for the good advice everyone, I really appreciate it! It was just such a out of left field sort of thing. I was able to put that buyer on a blocked bidder list, so no worries from him down the road. I do ship internationally and knock on wood, so far haven't had any problems with anyone. Unfortunately, the harrassing buyer is in the US so that was why I had asked if anyone else had run into this sort of odd situation. Ah well, water under the bridge! ::):

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