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Been awhile...


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So I've really been experiencing a "painters block" if you will. I haven't been able to get the inspiration, energy, or desire to get any painting done what so ever.


I decided to go back to my roots. For some reason painting these Rackham Dwarves has always been able to spark my painting desire back up.


Anyhow here they are, let me know what you think.










There is my latest Soldier of the Plains.


Here is an Alkemy fig I have been working on over the past month or two... slow going due mainly to my lack of desire/energy to paint lately.










Thanks for havin a look.


Hopefully this will get me back on the painting wagon... or is it off the wagon... Who knows!!





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Thanks for the comments Mama, I will try to get some more done and post more follow up pics within the week.


@Josh - Love these dwarves! In the middle of getting my box set done. Had to clip and sand off the pony tails on some of them, but they always seem to do the trick when I hit a lull. Thanks!

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Well, I actually found a bit more time for my Soldier of the Plains over the last couple of weekends... here is my progress, not finished yet, and as such would really appreciate any tips you may have on improving this guy.










Thanks a million again to all of you for the kind words of encouragement, they have helped to give me inspiration to pick up the brush!!



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