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14287: Strach, Overlord Hero

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Here's the character concept: He's a cleric of Mystra and he's completely fascinated with magic in all of its forms and applications. He writes for a scholarly journal, and part of his adventuring drive is to experience magic as many times and in as many ways as he can, both for his own experience and as research for his publications. He's always searching out new spells. He's the kind of guy who gets attacked by some oddball Necromancy spell and instead of taking the Paladin's approach of "die, heretic!" he first picks himself up off the ground, next says "that... was.... so.... COOL!" And then makes sure his party members kill the guy nicely so that the spellbook isn't ruined. Someday I look forward to roleplaying how he interacts with practitioners of the Shadow Weave...


Statistically speaking... I play clerics alot so I'm always on the lookout for a new and different way to play the class. One of the reasons I can stick with one class almost exclusively is that there's just so many possibilities! So this guy here wears no armor and doesn't carry a primary weapon (he's got a dagger, which of course we all know no adventurer should leave home without a dagger). This guy digs magic, so if he can fight with a mundane weapon or a weapon made of pure magical force, guess what? He fights with the latter. He's got the Magic domain so he has access to Mage Armor, and that's how he defends himself. You'll notice the yellow/orange glowing armor on the mini below. For a primary weapon he uses the spell Ice Dagger (this is 3.5 I'm playing), which does quite a bit of damage if you take it as a dagger, so I don't see a reason not to leave Strach's sweet longsword intact and do a little creative editing to the visuals of the spell - you'll notice the white/blue icy longsword on the mini. And of course, there's just too many sweet offensive spells available, so he's got the fireball going on in his other hand.


Check him out:





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