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i found this old grenadier mini on ebay and fell in love with it! little did i know it's actually a real demon in greek and christian beliefs... i am pretty sure at least. i spent extra time on this one and put more detail into it than i usually do. the detail on the heads in the photo sucks because of the crappy lighting i chose, it looks better in person. i am pretty proud of this and i think it's my best one yet, and i know it still sucks big time compared to most of the minis on this forum!


i wanted it to look like like an inland taipan, i think that's the snake i'm thinking of. red belly with yellow highlights, and more highlights on the yellow. the back is gloss black, with silver metallic in the center and black metallic around that, making an interesting glowing color that i really like. the eyes are green with yellow highlights, and finally a white pupil. the skull and horn have better contrast in real life.





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