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60042 Shalelu Andosana, Pathfinder elf ranger


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Here is everyone's favorite green-haired Pathfinder elf, Shalelu Andosana. She is a friendly non-player character who appeared in Pathfinder Adventure Path issue #1 and has made guest-appearances in a few other issues. I sculpted the figure for Reaper & Paizo this past summer.


You can see an earlier Forum discussion of her distinctive hairstyle here: link to Forum topic. That is, the figure is cast with four of the five bunches of hair sticking out, and you have to bend them down gently (probably after warming the metal in hot water so it bends without breaking).


That Forum-thread also includes a discussion of the length of her ears, since the portrait of her in Pathfinder Adventure Path #1 had very long (anime-style) ears, but then the Paizo folks declared that official elf ears in their world should have been a bit shorter. (They were charting new stylistic territory in the first few issues.)


I attached a strand of hair for the figure's bowstring, and I used pieces of a birch-tree seedpod as the "leaves" on the base. The rocks are sculpted of Greenstuff.






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Wow Derek, this is by far my favorite of your sculpts. I love everything about this one. The paint job is equally as impressive as the sculpt. Your blends are so smooth and you always add so much character to your minis. If I ever get my blending to that level I will be thrilled.

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