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Belated holiday gifts

Amalor Myrnnyx

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Every year, I give each member of my gaming group the opportunity to pick out a mini, and I paint it for them. Due to a commission I simply could not turn down, they got a little delayed in getting done.


As for the unusual color on the Queen's hair, I was asked to make her a blond, but add a hint of a blue undertone, to denote an elvish ancestor.


Also, Dana Murphy starring as the commander of my BattleTech unit, Melody's Rockers, along with her Bandersnatch (with repose and base by Mr Balk)


As always, thoughts, opinions, and thrown pottery welcome.



Reaper Warlord - Dauron, Necropolis Hero



Reaper Warlord - Majeda, Battle Nun



Reaper Dark Heaven - Valthus Oathcroak



Reaper Dark Heaven - Kouaneth, Evil Knight



Reaper Dark Heaven - Queen Shannon Stormhand



Melody's Rockers - Conductor Melody Lane



Melody's Rockers - Bandersnatch


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