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Dragon Ogre


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Here's a little dragon ogre I've been working on, I chopped up part of a shadowdragon and the top half of a efreeti.



I added some GS to fix the join and make any scale difference look less apparent, although they fit together pretty well.

He's got some fur on the front and some unfinished chainmail on the back, I'll put a circular shield hanging off the front I think. I was planning to have more chainmail at the front but thought a shield would look better this morning.


Comments and criticism and extra ideas are welcome

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I've just bought some chain to attach between his chainmail and the shield that will go on his front. I've managed to make the circular shield shape but I now need to wait for the chain to arrive before I can carry on doing anything else. It's being couriered so hopefully in a couple of days it should arrive.

Thanks for the interest everyone.

I also may use the chain to make a flail for his other hand.

This guy is meant to be my shaggoth (although after getting the pieces he seemed a bit small). I also bought 3 black orcs, the hero and the pack of 2 containing the spear and sword a shield guy. These will be my normal dragon ogres but I'm going to buy some Heresy Hell Beasts for the dragon part of them and sculpt a tail for them.

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Lookin' very good, there. I like the fur effect.


When you finish the conversion, could you post a photo or three of the model just after priming? I'd love to get a look at the details without the high contrast of bare metal.

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Here's the shield that will be mounted on his front. It measure 10mm in diameter. It's a hide shield with stitching just in case my GS work is so shoddy looking you can't make it out. ::D:

I decided not to sculpt any rips or damage onto it as I usually tend to destroy things when I do too much work on them. Still a little bit of filing down to do on the edges of this and a little scraping to do with a blade as well. Not a terribly exciting pic I'm afraid.


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