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Dragon Ogre


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Yes. It should have very little space between the front buckle and the shield the chains will attach to the half-moon buckles on the side and the lower part of the chainmail on the sides too. If it looks good I'll put a third set in between those two, since I don't need to sculpt it this should be easy to see with a bit of blu-tak.

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Here's the current product. All finished with the converting now as the chain arrived this morning. 5 chains attached to the shield and 1 between the mail on the back. Then 2 used for adornments. These happen to be mantic zombie heads (I have already undercoated them because I did them en masse earlier during a zombie painting phase) 1 has a hook coming out his mouth, unpainted it looks more like a worm, the other, a spike protruding from the head, I may attach a barb to this to make it look more spike-like. I'm still comtemplating the flail in the second hand. Not as gigantic as I would have liked but big nonetheless. Size comparison mini in last pic (excuse paintjob). Now just to paint the thing! EEK!


Here are the pics






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Very nicely done!

I'd be really afraid to paint this if it were mine, in case I screwed it up. I wish you better results than that.


I am! but it's pointless just doing the conversion and leaving it unpainted, so a bad paintjob is better than no paintjob in my opinion, although my lead mountain may disagree. ::D:

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Painting finished. I'm happy with the result. I went for the same flesh tone on the efreeti skin as for the dragon skin. I figure why would 1 creature have 2 different skin colours. I was aiming for it to be a bit lighter but I think the dark shade works well for it. Not too happy with the sword. The base still needs some white on it to make the rock look weathered and I'll mount it on something sturdier too. C&C Welcome.






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The putty work looks seamless after the paint. Nice job!


I'd like to see more highlights, particularly on the skin. The greenish teal is a bit too dark to read as "highlight" for me; a lighter blue like RMS Snow Shadow would help make the skin pop. Same with the hair -- you could use Snow Shadow there as well, or any other blueish off-white.


I like the detail on the severed heads, and the way you mixed some gold and red into the palette without getting away from the blue-brown scheme.


(I'd also suggest mounting this guy on something substantial, like a 2" fender washer: I'd hate to see him get knocked over enough to chip the paint.)

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