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03081 Edo: Human Ninja

Kael Hunt

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After somewhat of a hiatus on painting and other crafty stuff, I decided to get back in the swing of things. The photos below are after a highlight, wash and re-highlight. I'm not completely satisfied with the highlighting but I'm not sure how to fix it:






Suggestions would be most welcome :ph34r:



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Source lighting? I'm not sure what that means - could you elaborate?


I think you may have already figured this out, but object source lighting is a directional lighting like you mentioned from a lamp or the moon. Anne Cooper does fabulous work with OSL.


I hope she doesn't mind, but I stole this picture from her blog to give an example. Notice how the front is being hit by a reddish glow while the shaded parts are cool colors. There isn’t an object in this image but I could just see this guy in some darkened cave standing over a lava pit.




I would say on yours, focus your highlights more to the top (head, shoulders, etc) since you’re looking for a moon glow and personally I would use a bluish white. Have highlights lower down but maybe a more subdued bluish grey instead of the stark white and get darker as you move to the bottom of the piece. As you go, blend the highlights. Since the highlights will be on fabric they wouldn’t be quite as sharp as if they were on a hard surface. I think the placement is really good, just maybe consider altering the highlight color a bit.


That’s my two cents from the peanut gallery. :poke: I’ve actually painted this piece myself and have never posted it because I’m still not happy with the final product. It’s difficult to do all black…I wish you the best on this one. Off to a great start so far!

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LadyArgent: Thanks, that's actually very helpful :B): I was thinking that might be what they meant about the source lighting, and I was also thinking it needed more on the head and shoulder areas, which I've been particularly unhappy with. The pic helps, so thanks to Anne Cooper as well ::): Now I just gotta get it pictured in my head and see what I can do.

-Kael :ph34r:

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