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03519 Skorg Ironskull, Fire Giant King

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Every 50 or so miniatures I try to challenge myself with something big. To commemorate #450 I painted another giant.


I haven't had a chance to hit him with dullcote yet with the weather being what it is, so he is a bit shiny.


This would be my first base work, and if you picked up Skorg you might recognize it as the same base pictured in the insert. It's a plaster cast of one of the Hirst Arts cavern floor pieces.


When I was looking for something to break up the gold color, my brother suggested I "make the face on his crotch a different color". Words of wisdom!


There's a shot of the back as well, to show off the sword which has been called "utterly ridiculous". Is it really? It's barely larger than he is, let's not get pedantic.

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That's amazing work, I love it! The sword is obviously intended to club his enemies in half, nothing ridiculus about that.



That's not a sword. It's actually a cricket bat - it's a little-known fact that the fire giants invented the sport of cricket, as well as checkers and dwarf tossing...

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You know how many minis you've painted? That's impressive. There's simply no way I could keep track of that.


Also, nice work on the fire giant, he looks outstanding. If you'd like some criticism, I think the color values of the leather and skin aren't quite contrasting enough, and it makes him look a little less dynamic for it.

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Mad Jack: I am now imagining a Blood Bowl cricket team made up of fire giants, and in my own mind it is amazing.


odinsgrandson: You bet I'd like some criticism. I think about everything that's said. Just to clarify, do you mean the contrast between the skin and the armor, or the contrast between the different tones of skin and also the contrast between the different tones of armor?


I know how many I've painted because each time I finish one, I flip it over and number the bottom of the base. I do that to keep track of my progress and get an idea of when I painted something. Otherwise I'm sure I would have no idea either. The number 450 sounds completely arbitrary when I try to think back on the miniatures I've painted.


Lionheart12: Really? Maybe I should charge people to come and gawk at it. How does $50 sound?


There were a lot of things going on with the sword, so let me think.

The blade is a mix of some drab gray and green, the same colors as the base, the decorative rings and the "crotch face". The highlight is layered on by mixing a lighter color with an additive, which is about 50/50 Liquitex fluid matte medium and water. I don't believe Reaper has a product like that, but Privateer Press sells a bottle of mixing medium which I think is basically the same thing.

The fiery letters are just progressively thinner lines of lighter colors. And while I love Reaper paints, I have had awful luck with Reaper's oranges clumping, getting too watery, or flaking off, so the orange colors are Vallejo or P3 paints. I outlined them in black to make the colors seem brighter.

The glowy symbols on the hilt were done by wiping some Dr. Ph. Martin's crimson india ink across the hilt, and then dipping in a tiny bit of white paint down in the crevices while it's still wet. The idea is to get the paint and ink to separate in a way that leaves the paint at the bottom of the crevice. I can't say it worked all that well, but it was my first try.

The rubies everywhere are a mix of Reaper Master Series carnage red and Dr. Ph. Martin's crimson ink. I made the mix progressively lighter with white ink and highlighted all around where it seemed right, then lined the edges with a very dark red for contrast. The very tips and edges were highlighted with a pink color, I think it was Reaper Master Series blush pink, from the new pastels triad.


Does that help?

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