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If you know me and no one here really does (comes with not posting) you would know I tend to play "furry" characters due to boredom of playing normal races found in 3.5's PHB. (NWN killed them for me)


So I've been looking for werewolf models that aren't super wild and naked females or feral. Ones that are "civilized" enough to look like PCs. I've found a number of them here now, but I need medium size and I can't tell the dimensions of most of the models. (I know a few that are in fact large sized.)


Why is there so little info on models or is there some secret code to show me the way?

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In almost all the mini pictures there are two small triangle shapes on the right hand side of the photo, coming into the photo I guess you could say. Those are for sizing, and should show you the miniatures relative height. I'm not sure the exact scale on them right now, but I know there is a thread discussing it.

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I'm assuming the ones you are looking at are the Lupines from the Koborlas Warlord line? http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Koborlas/sku-down ?


Yeah, most all of those are large size, and the few that could be put onto a medium base would be on the big end. Might be better to go along the lines of like this instead, and with a sculpting and converting here and there to give her more clothing, or change out the weapon.

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