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65071: Iks, the Wight


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I've had this guy on my workbench, primed and undercoated, for the better part of a year now. Today, I picked up bottles of RMS Adamantium Black and Scorched Metal. Time to experiment....




Pretty pleased with both, actually. I had a hard time finding a shadow colour for the deep red cloth; I ended up with a mix of swamp green and blue liner (which worked pretty damn well on the bone, too -- terran khaki base, highlighted with linen white). Any recommendations for a properly dark green? Should I just pick up a bottle of green liner and get it over with?


I guess this guy's kind of a speed-paint, if you don't count the months he spent languishing on the bench: I have about two or three hours in him altogether. Funnily enough, I'm not terribly excited about the armour, although I think I did a sufficient job. The shield, on the other hand, makes me happy.


C&C appreciated.

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Too bad you didn't do a WIP.

There's really not that much to it. The armour was the most time-consuming step: undercoat in black, two coats of slightly thinned Adamantium Black, shade with blue liner, highlight with thinned true silver and a touch of Vallejo metallic medium. Aside from that, everything has a base coat, a shade, and a highlight.

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