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Armorcast Warhound Titan


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Well, I recently got a pretty outstanding commission to paint up this Armorcast Warhound Titan (circa 1989). The titan is a find miniature, but it had some issues with detail- it was basically an enlarged epic scale mini. But with all of those broad areas, I just had to add in some freehand, right?


Also, I've posted this one up on Coolmini, for anyone who cares to vote.

















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Looks awesome!


You mention that it's "an enlarged Epic scale mini". Is it in 28mm scale, or something in between?

Yeah, it's about a foot tall. Pretty nice model, especially since it wasn't really that pricey - not like the Forgeworld versions.


I've got the smaller Eldar one - at some point I need to finish painting it - or give up and sell it.

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How did you do the metal showing through the paint?


That's mostly the way that I do battle damage. After most of the mini was finished, I took a piece of battlefoam and dipped it in black paint and used it like a brush to spread chipped paint in random-ish patterns. I then went over that with a small brush and tin bits. After that, I highlighted the damage up by mixing it with a bright silver.


It ends up looking a little different on different colors- white especially.





You mention that it's "an enlarged Epic scale mini". Is it in 28mm scale, or something in between?


Yeah, he's a 28mm version of an old Epic 40k/Space Marine mini (man I wish they had used a different name for that game the first time around). What I was saying was that the Amorcast sculptor just made the same mini, with all of the same details on it, only much larger (unlike the Forge World style, where the minis gain quite a number of details when they are scaled up).

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