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Freaky math!!


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Of course. The year you were born plus your age is always going to correlate with the year you're in. Next year it will be "_12".


If you were born in 2000 or later though, you only get a total of 11.


I bet you go to magic shows and tell everyone how the trick was done too.

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OKAY, here's a good one. Take the numbers 0-100 and lay them out in a line. Now, starting at the outermost numbers, add the one farthest left to the one farthest right, working your way in from the outside.


Every single combination equals 100.


0+100? 100.

1+99? 100.

2+98? 100.

3+97? 100.

4+96? 100.


Some dude discovered it as a shortcut to adding every number from 0-100 together. A shortcut somewhat like counting all the legs and dividing by four to obtain the total sheep in a pen.

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barely. Math is about understanding and creativity. Math is fun. Arithmetic is computation, dry and boring.


It is sad that most people never ever get to experience the awesomeness of math (which is so much more than the mind numbing number crunching of arithmetic) and often equate the two. But yes arithmetic is a part of math.

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I completely get where Kim has gone and appreciate it. I've only managed to look into the abyss that is math. And by abyss I don't necessarily mean something negative. The last, and maybe first, math class i had was discrete math.


Unfortunately the brilliant teacher had some sort of a medical condition that took him away from his duties for a year and we ended up with a very challenged Teaching Assistant. *sigh*

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