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S.A. Curse

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I was looking at the S.A. Curse in the SN rulebook and I don't really understand what it does. All it says is that if the attacker, who has this S.A., hits the defender, the defender becomes Cursed. It then states that the effect of Curse is applied to the defender's defensive strikes for this Fight Action. The problem is that the description does not say what the effect of Curse is, just when the effect should be applied. I assume it is some sort of penalty to the defender's defensive strike, but to what degree I don't know. There may be a better description in the other 2nd edition rulebook, but I don't have a copy of that one. If anyone knows what the effect should be please let me know. Thanks.

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Ah, okay. I did find the effect of Curse in the SN rulebook. It was in the Model States section. I just assumed that the full effect of a S.A. would be in the S.A. section of the rulebook. I'm new to the game so don't be surprised if you find more dumb questions coming from me. Thanks for the help.

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