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Warcraft RPG?

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World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game uses DnD 3.5 rules, which is what my group uses. We often play in Forgotten Realms, but now and again we branch off on an unrelated campaign with new characters, etc. I'm looking at the WoW RPG for that purpose. Our group has several Warcraft fans, so I think the flavor of the world would fit well enough.


My questions for anybody who has read this book:


1) Amazon has this listed used for around $25. Is that a good price for what you get?

2) Does this book have details on the political organizations? I'm thinking human kingdoms of Azeroth/Lorderan, etc, or is it just "this is the Alliance" and "this is the Horde." Is there info on the Forsaken?

3) How reliant is this setting on its supporting titles? I think my plan would be to use the D&D Monster Manual and simply describe visuals in a Warcraft way, etc.. I see that there are supplements featuring magic and factions and so forth, do I need those supplements to know enough about the different political groups and so forth?


I think that ultimately I'd be running a mostly generic campaign and giving it Warcraft trappings and locations, so I'm not looking for super detail here. But I'm pretty fuzzy on the differences between many of the human kingdoms, I know next to nothing about the politics of the Horde, etc. Can I find enough to fool players into thinking the world makes sense with just the one book?

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