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Druid Wilder and Woldwarden

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These are not Reaper miniatures. I'm biting the hand that feeds me.




I took some inspiration from scotty kahn's Kaya to paint a couple of Circle Orboros units. I'm not sure how it happened, but I ended up going all out southwestern in theme.




I used the blank space on the back of the golem's neck to doodle a little kokopelli. Other large units will probably have other symbols. I like the one that's an outline of the sun with wavy rays, and the southwestern lizard is ubiquitous. Any other ideas?

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@Corlock: The bird is a good one, I'll definitely use that.


@Ferox: True, the woldwarden is rather plain compared to the druid. It's good to hear that the dress looks southwestern.


@MamaGeek: Thanks! Hair and faces are probably my favorite things to paint. I'll give the finger definition some thought.


@Bruunwald: I hope I can make it work across a decent army list. Tharn are golden, but others like Argus and the various masked druids I have no ideas for just yet.

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