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I had grand plans for testing out a new approach to speed-painting on these guys. Turns out, not so much. They ended up as test models for my Legion of Everblight colour scheme, and in the end I'm pretty okay with how the damn things turned out.




The guy on the left is based with a darker colour that requires more highlights to get to the approximate value I want; the guy on the right is based with straight cloudy grey. I'm stumped as to which I like better. The darker 'gaunt has more contrast, which I prefer, but also more saturation, which I don't.


(I noticed the black streak across the one 'gaunt's claw after taking photos. I've fixed it, but don't really feel like reshooting the pics.)




The darker 'gaunt was based with nightshade purple; the lighter 'gaunt with blackened brown. Both bases then got heavy drybrushings of terran khaki and ghost white. I'm trying for a cool colour scheme that doesn't merge with the skin tone and looks cold but not necessarily icy. Neither one really speaks to me, but I think the purple might do well with some khaki shadow -- that's pretty close to ochre.




By the time I got to the fleshy bits, I was fed up with painting Hormagaunts and just wanted to get the damn things off my workbench. In general I like the combination of desaturated blue and the rosy skin triad, but this time I half-assed it, and it shows. Good to know there are still some surprises left for me when I crack open the battlebox.




I've addressed my photo setup's biggest glaring omission by adding a fill light -- don't tell anyone, but it's an LED flashlight in a grocery bag -- and now Gimp's auto white balance is freaking out, so I did these by hand. My adventures in photography continue.


C&C appreciated. These are test models, so let me know what works, what doesn't, and what you'd suggest.

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These came out awesome! I think both paintings are interesting color wise, if I was forced to choose one of the two I'd pick the darker one, but seeing the variation between the two is nice and I think they look good together. It might spark some of the shadow shades by adding a little bit of straw or hay colored short grass on the bases, or something that shade to accent the dark purple but its up to you, and I'm not sure what environment would be these guys natural habitat. Good stuff! ::):

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Really turned out very nice. I think I agree with Anne, they both look great, I do like the darker one just a bit more. Something about the shadows on that one just work a little better. All in all a great job. Would hate to see a swarm of these bad boys staring down my Templars.

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Thanks, folks!


The more I stare at these guys, the more I like the grey one better. The blue guy's just a bit too saturated for my tastes, given that I expect to paint up an "army" (at least, as close as Hordes gets to "army" size) of minis in this colour scheme. I think the cloudy grey base is insufficiently cool, though, so I'll try to find a desaturated blue in the same vein as snow shadow, only darker. That should make the brown liner shadows pop a bit more, and give a better contrast against the pink fleshy tones.


Would hate to see a swarm of these bad boys staring down my Templars.

Your Templars are in luck -- these guys've convinced me never to paint another Hormagaunt. I'm gonna use the rest of the box as conversion bits. I don't know how Tyranid players manage it.

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