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Glueing for Noobs

Lord Karick

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Hi Laszlo, the figure in question is 02459 (Ava, Female Templar).


That's a nice and easy one for a weapon swap!


I've already got a second order together from Reaper (half my players weren't happy with the figures I'd looked out for them - they still haven't got hold of the concept that the GM is all-wise, all-knowing and always right, hard to swallow as two of them are my kids, they ought to know at least that by now :rolleyes:), so adding a weapons pack isn't going to be a problem.


Well, back in my day the players had respect for the GM, esp. since they often wound up dead in nasty ways if they they didn't! :poke:


The lad in the shop was trying to persuade me to give Warhammer a go, so I asked him how old he was. "22" he says. "Son, I tried Warhammer before you were born!"


That's too funny!!!!! :lol:




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