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February Roll Call

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Had a snow day yesterday, instead of painting though I played a one-page set of fantasy rules with three of my four kids (the 4 year old wanted to play Wii instead).

'...one-page set of fantasy rules...' ?? More info please.




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Got next to nothing done this weekend. We had to replace a toilet and a kitchen faucet, and even though I did not do the work, it still displaced enough other things in the schedule that I missed a lot of painting time. Watching a friends kids while she took the LSAT didn't help.


But, the Aptimus is partially trimmed, pMorghoul is partially pinned, the conversion exchange fig is almost done, and one exchange fig is almost complete, though I have to try out a couple NMM recipes on something else before using them on the exchange model. Productive enough, I suppose, and I am going down now to work on some things tonight.


ETA - conversion fig is not quite done. Not entirely happy with part of it, but it's still coming along nicely. NMM recipe wasn't as complicated as I recalled, so that has been started, and isn't looking too bad so far. It should be done fairly soon, and well before deadline. Got a couple figs assembled, and only drilled one hole in my hand.

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Long time no post here.


Painting table is getting crowded. Goals for February:


Finish last 30 25mm Egyptians

King Thorgram

2 Dire Bears

Grave Horror

converted squad of boy campers (9)

Assorted Babylon 5 and Full Thrust minis




finished a lot this week. Also found a dwarven standard bearer conversion and finished him off. Just noticed a group of 16 Romans trying to invade my painting table. I think they're here for the Egyptians....but I could be wrong. :blink:



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Aptimus is primed and has some color on him, Hakaar has the base coat of black on him, pMorghoul has been pinned and greenstuffed, the NMM is basically done (not great, so I might fiddle with it a bit), conversion fig needs only a slight touchup. Immortals are proceeding, working on their bases and main color highlights. Uncharted seas dwarf ships have advanced considerably, though they are still not done. Relthoza may have to wait - I am either going to have to redrill the holes for the flight stands, or find a way of removing the superglue that doesn't also destroy the resin. Praetorian swords are proceeding slowly.

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Workbench update:


Devout warjack (started)

Carnivean (started)

03462 Goblin Warriors (4)


Norgol, Irongrave Knight

Dwarven Warrior (primed)

Young Swamp Dragon (primed)

Jolie, Scribe

Centurus Clones (2) (started/primed)


Only took me a year to paint her, but Jolie's done. Pics in Show Off once the sealer dries. Hah! Finally!

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