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Samantha, Merc Warlord


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Let's see, Samantha. Base is sculpted from Sculpey. Lots of hard to reach areas and raised filigree on this mini which I found challenging to paint personally. Could have gone so many ways with the color scheme on this mini but went with a more 'earthy' scheme.


Something was messed up with either the cast or my assembly on her left ankle area that I didn't notice until I was many hours into painting so I left it alone and just dealt with it instead of stripping.

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Hi, thanks guys, much obliged


Jabber for the flesh according to my notebook I used:


1. MSP Rosy Shadow as a base.

2. Shade and tone with VGC Tan.

3. Deep shade with MSP Imperial Purple mixed with MSP Pheonix Red 50/50. (warm greyish purple)

4. Midtones of VMC Buff + VMC Beige Brown.

5. Add VMC Basic Skintone to 4 for highlighting.

6. Add White to 5 for final brights.


Aaaannd let's see I use a bit of Crimson oil paint for blushing the cheeks and nose and those reddish tones after the fact. For the eyeshadow it was a touch of Coral Rose which is a Palmer airbrush paint.

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