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Need Advice on Selling an Army


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1. eBay or a dedicate miniatures auction/trading site?

All my selling and buying experience is on eBay, so I can’t tell you about other options. I do know there is a brisk business in selling GW miniatures there, so you will find plenty of customers.


2. Sell the force as a whole or sell it as units?

I think, in general, you will be better off selling things by unit. It’s a lot more work for you but you will probably get a better return on your money that way.


3. Finish painting it?

Unless you are an exceptional painter, most people seem to consider painted figures a draw back. I personally pay more for unpainted figures than for “tabletop quality” paintjobs. Even for good painters, you don’t really get a lot of return on your time by painting miniatures.


IIRC, I paid a bit above $300 for the whole shebang. I'd be surprised to make back my cost on the force,

Honestly, even if you were selling it NIB (new in box) you probably would not get more than around 80% of MSRP. Based on your description I would expect around 60-70% if you are lucky.


A last few pieces of advice. Always include clear pictures of the minis. I won’t bid on what I can’t see, unless its NIB. Be prepared to accept PayPal. It’s the preferred payment option for most people on eBay. A lot of buyers won’t don’t’ want to bother with mailing money orders anymore. Start the bidding low. I see lots of people try and start the bidding near what they expect to get, and the bidding never gets started. Low starting costs encourage bidding which can often get you as high or higher than the “high start”.


Hope that helps!

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