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Male Witch (Human) - Wanted


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There seems to be only one real "Witch" mini for Pathfinder, and it's a very awesome iconic. The only problem is, it's female. I'm in a game where I'm playing a stealthy male witch, and can't find much.


Things I'm looking for: Male, Human, long hair, no facial hair, no heavy armor (cloth), no heavy weapons. Or a reasonable male version of the female iconic.

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Maybe one of these appeals to you? They would only need slight modification to fit your needs.


Have you used the figure finder to search? There are a lot of male magic casters in the DHL line.

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If you've never used our figure finder it is one of the best tools around!


You can simply click on the options you want to search for and it will return a list of results. The less criteria you select the more options you will have as well. But just putting in the male, human, cloth I end up with 265 results.


Take a look through and let us know if you still haven't found what you are looking for.


Feel free to contact me specifically if you need additional help. I'll make sure to find something for you that will work. :o)

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We recently picked up a male elf witch. I initially felt this guy, though another iconic in Pathfinder, would serve well with a little modification. He's nice and outlandish and full of the same sort of detail:




But then I found this guy and felt like I liked the Gothic look of him. Sort of a witch dressed like a witch hunter (I'll be throwing a pointy hat on him and everything):




So I switched Saltiel out to be the party's new druid. If you don't mind doing a little modification (cutting off ears, switching out a sword with a staff, etc.), you can find a lot of room to maneuver these things. For instance I've used Arran here:




... for many things over the years. I've turned him into a bard holding a flute, a swordsman holding out his rapier, and used him straight as an NPC thief. I can see him as another Gothic style witch.

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