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Releases for 02-07-11

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You didn't think a little snow was going to keep us down, did you? Not at all. It was the ice that locked us down! Seriously. North Texas simply isn't equipped to deal with ice. Still, we have a new release for you all this week. This is what we do for you. Yes, even you.<br /> <br /> And here's an orangutan shooting a pair of laser pistols.<br /> <br /> <center><img src="http://www.reapermini.com/graphics/gallery/4/50214_p_1_mp.jpg" class="gimage" /><br /> 50214: Orangutango, Cyber-Ape by Jason Wiebe<br /> painted by Michael Proctor</center><br /> <br /> <strong>Dark Heaven Legends</strong><br /> <a href="/graphics/gallery/4/03547_w_1.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='03547: Juliette, Wizard by Bobby Jackson'>03547: Juliette, Wizard by Bobby Jackson ($5.99)</a><br><a href="/graphics/gallery/4/03548_w_1.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='03548: Twyla, Female Hellborn Warrior by Patrick Keith'>03548: Twyla, Female Hellborn Warrior by Patrick Keith ($4.99)</a><br><a href="/graphics/gallery/4/03549_w_1.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='03549: Witch, Cauldron & Cat by Julie Guthrie'>03549: Witch, Cauldron & Cat by Julie Guthrie ($5.99)</a><br><br /> <br /> <strong>Master Series Triads</strong><br /> 09790: Old Favorites II Triad ($8.95)<br><br /> <br /> <strong>Warlord</strong><br /> <a href="/graphics/gallery/4/14619_w_1.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='14619: Shadow Demon by Kevin Williams'>14619: Shadow Demon by Kevin Williams ($19.99)</a><br><a href="/graphics/gallery/4/14620_w_1.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='14620: Barbarian Axeman of Icingstead by Tre Manor'>14620: Barbarian Axeman of Icingstead by Tre Manor ($4.99)</a><br><br /> <br /> <strong>Chronoscope</strong><br /> <a href="/graphics/gallery/4/50213_w_1.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='50213: Zombie Strippers (3) by Bob Ridolfi'>50213: Zombie Strippers (3) by Bob Ridolfi ($9.99)</a><br><a href="/graphics/gallery/4/50214_w_1.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='50214: Orangutango, Cyber-Ape by Jason Wiebe'>50214: Orangutango, Cyber-Ape by Jason Wiebe ($6.99)</a><br><br /> <br /> <strong>Pathfinder</strong><br /> <a href="/graphics/gallery/4/60056_w_1.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='60056: Jabberwock by Jason Wiebe'>60056: Jabberwock by Jason Wiebe ($49.99)</a><br><a href="/graphics/gallery/4/60062_w_1.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='60062: Low Templar by Bobby Jackson'>60062: Low Templar by Bobby Jackson ($5.99)</a><br><br /> <br /> <strong>P-65 Heavy Metal</strong><br /> 65111: Frost Giant Warrior by Tre Manor ($19.99)<br><br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore" title="Reaper Miniatures :: OnlineStore">You can find all of these releases here in the Online Store.</a>

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