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Horace "A" Jackson

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I really enjoyed painting, it felt good to have a brush in my hands after so many years. My brush control is struggling a bit, but that will come back. Painting a modern miniature is fun, I have not done it before. It is a bit easier than many of the fantasy minis, because the lack of different textures.


I am picturing Horace with a silky purple shirt, white pants, gold jewelry and a nickel plated gun. In the past i have painted one or two sections at a time, getting them near completion and then went onto a different part of the mini. I worked from the deepest parts of the mini and worked my way outward. I did not do this with Horace. I did the basic color scheme to start. I needed to do this to help visualize the mini and where I wanted to go. I am happy with my color selections which are below.


I will work the pants up to a pure white using very thin layers. I may shade the deeper recesses of the pants with a darker blue and purple mix. I have to play with it a bit. The shirt will have a darker wash added and then I will work on high contrast highlights to mimic silk/polyester. I will probably be leaning on you guys to give feedback on my highlights. I was never very good at the high contrast highlights used in NMM and the like.


Pants – Pure White 09039 2 drops to 1 small drop Amethyst Purple 09024


Pure Black wash of hair, shoes and black lined wash around skin and clothes. That might create too much of a contrast, I will see.


Skin – Dark Skin, 09041, base color with a wash of Dark Shadow 09040.


Shirt: Base of Imperial Purple, I will do a wash with Nightshade Purple 09022, but it will be a very thin wash and I will do layers. I am a bit afraid of the deepness of that color.


I am very open to feedback. I enjoy the ego stroke of a "nice job", but I also am hungry to improve and will not get my feelings hurt if you say, that transition was a bit sloppy, or you shaded with the wrong color, that brown should of had red instead of blue, try this next time Etc....



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Your start looks quite well, I'm not skilled enough to offer more in-depth critique, yet the transitions and base coats look well. I'm nit sure if you've been working on the base yet or not, but it looks "glittery" which might actually work for this fig.

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I like what you have to start!


For the pants, you might consider different tones for the shadows and the highlights. Shading the pants with purple and then blue, and highlighting them with pink (I like rosy highlight for this purpose) and then white, could give them a sort of pearlescent richness that flat whites don't achieve. Also, I find it hard to highlight up to pure white without getting chalky streaks; you might mitigate this by glazing the highlights with very thin linen white or rosy highlight.


I'll be following this with interest.

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