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PIP73008: Carnivean


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I love the pose of that 2nd pic (the one with leg up, no torso attached).


Something about it would make for a neat dragon.


I'm a modeler, thus projects like this make for fun stuff, epically when the WiP shows great shots of the progress. Nice work so far.



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Oh yeah, I'm having a ton of fun with this guy. Even the bits I complain about are kinda fun -- except maybe the "ow, my fingers" parts. Sure, not many of the joints fit exactly the way the sculpt was constructed, but they're all structurally pretty decent and I've learned a lot about green-stuffing whilst assembling this guy. I don't know that I'd suggest it for a novice modeler -- at least not without some good epoxy and a bunch of patience -- but I'm having a blast.


Anyway, assembly is done unless the putty flakes out on me:


post-5715-12978451033073.jpg post-5715-12978451210804.jpg


post-5715-12978451119649.jpg post-5715-12978451268048.jpg


I'm messing around with a new lighting setup that seems to do pretty well on its own but has hopelessly confused Gimp's auto white-balance function. No chroma changes on these guys, and they're pretty true to life. Woot!


Anyway, the neck joint was the least stable of the ones I glued and puttied today. With the pin for strength and the putty for some sort of rigidity it ought to hold up pretty well. The shoulders didn't fit as well as I'd remembered -- a bit of filing fixed that, sort of -- but came together pretty well regardless. A lot of that is down to slight misalignments between the pin holes on the torso and the pin holes on the arms. Smaller-diameter pins might've actually been a better choice, but the arms are heavy and I don't like the idea of putting that load into a paperclip.


On the other hand, the paperclip pins on the feet are amazingly stable, so who knows. Maybe a pair of well-placed paperclip pins beats out a sloppy joint with a big ol' 1/16" brass rod in it. I'm disinclined to embark upon a destructive testing regime to evaluate this proposition.


I really want to put a good paint job on this guy, so once the putty's cured tomorrow evening I'm going to give 'im a quick rinse in soapy water, then lay on some primer.

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Primer takes down the shininess of the pewter and smooths over the contrast with the green stuff, so this gives a better idea of what the damn thing's going to look like:




I'm pleased with how stable the model is on its three little paperclip foot-pins. I have plenty of range of motion without even having glued the pins to the dowel.




Brushing primer onto the model really brings home the scope of the paint job compared to the other minis I've painted. More room for blending, I suppose. ::):


Sealer tomorrow morning, then I start basecoating.

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More progress!




I basecoated the skin with four or five coats of Snow Shadow. That's not going to be my midtone; it's more like the highlight within my general flesh hue. I plan to go down through twilight blue all the way, eventually, to brown liner, and bring the highlights up to linen white. The main reason I'm not starting with twilight blue like I did on the shredders is that I hope to avoid chalky highlights this way as much as possible. We'll see how it works out.




In all four photos I've basecoated and applied a few layers of a 50:50 Snow Shadow:Twilight Blue wash. I'm really trying to take my time and keep everything smooth here. It feels strange to be shading down from a highlight colour and covering most of the skin with what seems like it should be "shadow", but so far I like the results.


It's a bit hard to tell what's going on with the paint and what's just shadows from my lighting setup here. I'm trying to include more fill lights to make it more obvious, but with a model as concave as this guy I'm gonna get shadows no matter what I do.

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More progress:




This is after three more washes. I started with twilight blue, added some imperial purple to that, and finally added a bit of brown liner to that. I'm pretty happy with it so far, but I need to establish the highlights before I can really figure out how it looks. ::):




I think what I'll do is add the highlights to the flesh, correct any obvious problems, then do the carapace, claws, and teeth at about the same level of detail. After that I'll either go back and re-balance the colours or give up and call it done.

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Flesh is done, for now:




I took some of the shading back up towards the midtone with a few washes, then highlighted up with a mix of snow shadow and rosy highlight, then added some linen white to that and went up again. Also, with a reflector panel and a change of direction on my fill light, my lightbox is starting to generate some decent images: barely a touch of postprocessing involved in these.




Looking at my previous attempts at carapace, I'm not impressed with how saturated the brown basecoat is even after streaking it, especially in contrast to the still fairly saturated blues of the skin. I think I'll start with a less saturated tone -- drop some ochre into my intense brown and see what happens.

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Not only did I get the carapace basecoated and highlighted, but I managed to get my camera to stop second-guessing me. The white balance needs a bit of work, but I'm finally getting raw images from the damn thing that don't need to be fiddle-f#!ked in Gimp besides a crop and some scaling.


Speaking of scales...




The carapace is basecoated in a mix of intense brown and khaki shadow. (I've since acquired a bottle of Uniform Brown, which I'll use as a basecoat in future.) As before I've streaked the plates with the khaki triad and linen white. It's a technique that works pretty well for adding texture to smooth bits of carapace, but the Carnivean has a lot of detail on its scales which made things awkward. Still, I think it's working out okay.




Next step is to shade the carapace; after that, I'll do the claws and teeth, and reevaluate the overall colour balance.

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I like the flesh tones and the carapace has a lot of potential from where it's at right now. I particulary like how the shadows are more exagerrated on the interior of the chest area than on the forelimbs. It'll make a beautiful corpse when your opponents throw EVERYTHING they have at it... and they will. :grr:

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It'll make a beautiful corpse when your opponents throw EVERYTHING they have at it... and they will. :grr:

Excellent -- that's what Explosion of Spines is for.


Anyway, little by little I've managed to finish the paint on this guy. And get some reasonably lifelike photos out of my camera, though my lighting setup is still inadequate to the task.


post-5715-13004201085551.jpg post-5715-13004201152628.jpg


I first shaded the carapace with Red Liner, getting all the little grooves and creases and notches. Next, I went back in with Blue Liner, but tried to keep to the overall shape of each plate -- the warmer red shadows should be a bit less deep than the cooler blue shadows, so I'm using blue to emphasize the shapes I want to emphasize and red to pick out interesting details that don't otherwise contribute to the lines I'm trying to emphasize. Finally, I darklined around the plates with Brown Liner. The tongue and cheek bits got basecoated in Imperial Purple, shaded with Blue Liner, and highlighted with a mix of Linen White and Red Liner.


post-5715-13004208088816.jpg post-5715-13004208164022.jpg


The teeth and claws got basecoated with Khaki Shadow, washed with Brown Liner, and highlighted up through Linen White. Finally, I glazed the highlights on the skin with some Snow Shadow and the shadows with a bunch of blues and purples -- I just started playing around on my wet palette, didn't really have a plan -- and finally some Brown Liner in the deepest parts.


So I think this guy's basically done. Now, on to the base.

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