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Shaedra, Female Paladin


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This is absolutely beautiful!!! Your freehand is amazing, the colors are varied and harmonius, wonderful technique used throughout! Also the detail work on her armor and weapon are excellent, very clear! Superb professional job!

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Very nice DS. There is quite a lot going on with that mini, you pulled it all together very nicely. Oh, and the freehand is fab. :)


It's great to see you active and posting again.



Hey thanks man, good to see you still around, I still use that ceramic palette.


@SK, thanks bud, yeah I saw your conversion and you know, I wish I would have thought of that as I personally don't think the little hand-xbow is that great of an idea on this piece. Adding another sword like you did would have been way better, but I saw that too late of course.


@Fieldarchy, thanks and hopefully you get more time to paint!


@Anne, thanks for that, I'm rooting for your entry in the contest, it's really cool.


@Duliniel, Loin, JimL, Pez5767 and Jay, thanks for the kind words that's very much appreciated.

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