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New England Paint day?


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Helltown checking in! :devil:


The amazing calendar says that I currently have May 28th free of events. Otherwise, I can't do Sundays (work), and most of the Saturdays before and after the 28th are occupied by Magic tournaments or Free Comic Book Day (which translate to 'Work').


If I can manage to make it down, I'll be hauling a tote of minis to swap with anyone interested. I picked up a bunch from friends clearing their Shelves of Shame and Closets of Doom in hopes of an RCON trip.

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<Stepping from behind the curtain>


Keep me posted. I'm down.


On a side note - while Dargrin DEFINITELY has the best space for this... such an amazing game area... If there's ever a need to move the venue, I now haz house. And have plenty of space for painting and wargaming. So bear in mind if you have a conflict, Dargrin. ::):


See you all soon.


<Resuming Lurk Mode in...




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If I can make it, MadJack, I should be able to give you a life if you need one.


Hehehehe... Well, I've already got a life, but I could always use a better one if you've got an extra one to trade, lol...


(Then again, if I had a life I wouldn't spend so much time hanging out at the Citadel...)

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Sorry, Kids. I can longer make the 28th. I'd like to say regrettably, but I'm actually quite thrilled by my change of plans.


I'll miss y'all. It's been a long time for me. But I'll catch everyone at the next one. Again - I'd be thrilled to host anytime Mike's sweet spot isn't available.


Aahhmm... perhaps I should rephrase that last thought... :blink:


Anyhow...maybe I'll have to look into a summer BBQ/Paint shindig. I'll start thinking on that.


Have fun!


-D. :B):

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