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Tutorial for painting muscles?

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Some good examples and tips there.


There's a learn to paint kit by reaper that teaches painting skin, and one of the minis is a muscular man.



Here's a nice article on another website that might help you out anatomy-wise. Remember, muscles are RED under your skin, blood is blue, fat is yellow. If you take this into account in skin colour you can add a lot of realism and variations in skin tone. That's usually for 2d painting but it could apply to miniatures as well, especially if you have bulging veins next to manly muscles. The veins would have a purplish tone and stand out against the pinkish muscles.

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Here's a good walkthrough of highlighting and shading skin -- the focus is on faces, rather than muscles, but the principles are basically the same. The big difference with muscles is that they're bigger and rounder than, say, nostrils: you've got more room for error, but your blends need to be smoother.


Olliekickflip's blending tutorial is (a) invaluable and (b) covers a lot of muscle and skin.


Here's a step-by-step from Massive Voodoo that covers skin tones pretty thoroughly.


Finally, a ridiculously in-depth walkthrough from automaton on skin tones and colour theory.

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