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Mouslings we'd like to see / We'd like to see Mouslings!


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Since the Mouslings have really taken off as a best seller for Reaper, I thought this might be a fun thread:

I, for one, would like to see some modern/sci-fi mouslings, particularly NOVA Corp mouslings.

Other ideas:

Skier Mousling
Sailor Mousling
Indy Mousling.

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Top Posters In This Topic

IIRC, there were a set of Barfly Mouselings in the concept art stage last ReaperCon. I rather liked those, particularly if there was a glass-polishing mouseling bartender included.


I deeply regret not getting a set of the Zombie mouselings and the Chainsaw mouseling when they were available.


The holiday motif is neat, though... we have Cupid mouseling, perhaps an Uncle Sam mouseling for the summer? Mouseling in a bunny suit for Easter?


I'd also like to see variants on EXISTING mouselings -- a different Mouseling Wizard, some different Fighter or Archer mouselings, a different Armored Mouseling, and so on. Make it handier for the Mouse Guard roleplayers, add some variety -- I've done a few for friends as a favor, and mouselings are a lot harder to modify than regular human figures. I don't have anywhere near as many spare body parts, for one thing...

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