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Mouslings we'd like to see / We'd like to see Mouslings!

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I would pay soooooo much money for all 11 Doctors as mouslings!

But Reaper doesn't have the rights to the characters. They would have to be reminiscent only.


Or ...


They could do the archetypes the Doctors are based on....


For "the doctor's wife" a mousling lady with steampunk clothes and wild curly hair.

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...the idea sounds interesting, but durned if I can think of how to pull THAT off... a mouseling in a goblin suit, holding a goblin mask, maybe?

I keep trying to envision a mouseling in a goblin suit, but keep seeing a goblin in a mouseling-coat. Something is broken in my head.


Oh, there it is. I'd say do a (fat, short) goblin body with the neck and ears of a goblin, and kind of have the mouse face peeking out. Think bunny suit, but goblin.

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Gene drew my avatar.


Gene sculpts mouselings.


You want a mouseling disguised as a goblin.



What exactly is going on here? Are you people trying to make me cute? Is . . . is this some nefarious trick to get me to like mouselings? It is, isn't it? Because you figured out that if you can get the loudmouth goblin who makes people want to buy things to like mouselings then I'll spread the word hither and yon and yither and hon and nag and pester and whine until we get more.


Well it won't work.




















It totally would.

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I'll be happy with whatever mouslings they put out. I love them all.


What I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see is THIS!!!


My life will be complete when I have him added to my collection.

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I would like to see some of the mouslings that are no longer available make a comeback. That and the alien from the space set. Oh, and although he's not a mousling, Echidnox would be cool as well!

I got my Echidnox off eBay, brand new in the package for cheap. It was a good day.

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Or mouslings in generic military style clothing, for more general use, but for veteran's day too.


I'd like farmer mouslings. Medieval style farmers, not overall-wearing style farmers. A farmer, his wife, their boy and girl children, and maybe their halfwit helper. That would be spiffy. ::):

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Sigh. So how much longer until someone suggests a Cthulhu Mouseling?

Along those lines, some pulp-era mouselings would have many I know champing at the bit. A private investigator, aviator, flapper, anything 1920's-'30's era would be awesome (I've got Asiago Jones already on the way!).

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      So I finished up the insane project of Mouslings just in time for my son's celebration at school, the WIP is here:
      Overall it drove me crazy, mainly because they are without a doubt the smallest things I have ever worked on and were extremely hard to paint. The kids really made me feel good about the whole thing though, as many of the kids (almost the whole class?) came up and were really appreciative of the gift. The teacher was even in awe of the detail on them and that I had hand painted them for all the kids.
      So, here is which mouslings were done:
      77286 Mousling King & Princess (3 each)
      77287 Mousling Thief & Assassin (1)
      77288 Mousling Sorcerer & Samurai (2)
      77289 Mousling Ranger & Yeoman (2)
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      Here they are unpacked, after a good washing:

      Mr. Bones is there because he will be my test case once they are all painted, he will be the one getting a matte varnish through my airbrush to see if I have everything correct, then I will know I am safe to coat all the rest:) More pics to come once I mount these tonight and get a primer coat on them tomorrow so I can see details.
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