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Mouslings we'd like to see / We'd like to see Mouslings!


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I want a Corporate Mouseling .

With a suit, sunglasses and a briefcase.


Flanked by some security agent style mouselings, with radio earplugs and one of those with his hand shoved in his coat as if he was grabbing a concealed weapon.

Maybe the second one a female  security agent pointing at danger ?

Being in charge..I want the female officer to be in charge!!!


Or a Mouseling drugs deal going bad. Some Mouseling thugs and Maffia types..


I got to stop drinking coffee....

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I'd love to see clerical Mouselings, in clerical collars, Geneva Tabs, vestments, Bishops in regalia.

I would also like to see Mouselings in "NERD" attire.  Engineer's with Pocket protector's, and ten pens,

Taped up glasses in lab coats, with nerd style hair cuts, and a boot, and tennis shoe..

Mouselings are too kewl to keep them "underdeveloped.".

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