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Olivia, Female Cleric


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After your recent stint of blue tinted paintjobs, this really stands out, even though it is very simple in nature.


On a side note, I went to your site and filled out and submitted the form on the contact me page, so let me know if that worked successfully.

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Thanks everyone for the compliments! ::):


@Stubbdog, Yep, I received your response ok, and replied, although I replied through my yahoo mail, I'm still ironing out some of the kinks on my new site, I can get mail, just not reply to it. Something to work on, dern technology haha!


@ Mercius, Thanks! I've noticed an improvement in my blending after I recently started to use a wet palette. Its easier to go back and forth colorwise, to get a blend smooth. I tend to still be impatient with it, but practicing.


@Thoth19, For the vial I first painted a gradient from dark green to pale green to aqua, and then in addition to white highlights, I painted a star in an asterisk shape in pale sky blue, on the N, S, E, W directions of the vial. A special heal pot! ::):

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I like the color scheme, not something I probably would have tried, but now...might have to give it a go. I think it works well, especially for the sculpt, but for some reason the first two pictures she looks almost two-dimensional, kinda like a stained glass window. It's an odd effect, probably caused by the camera or just how I'm looking at the figure (like the pictures where some see an old woman and some see a young woman). The jar/vase looks amazing. Very nicely done overall. One I'd really like to see in person to get the full effect.



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I like these colors -- good to try something different!

The bottle stands out nicely but it doesn't steal all the attention, because you've achieved good variety and contrast with the rest of the figure, especially the golden-yellow hood and the redder tones on face.

(Good choice of background color for the photos, too. It's important.)


A few suggestions:

1) Keep the lining crisp on the gold trim. In a few places around the bottom of the robe and on the right arm, the robe color seems to have crept out and erased the lining.

2) Add some brown tones to the silver/steel, particularly the undersides (which are ostensibly reflecting the ground). Your overall technique on these metals is good, but since they're all grey then they don't seem to be a part of the same world as the figure.

3) Highlight and shade the basing a bit more. The rocks should be lined darkly like the figure, and they should probably have more highlighting on the top surface or at least the edge.


Thanks for sharing,


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Thanks everyone for the comments! ::):


Zinzig, I see what you're talking about with the photos, maybe its the background I'm using? Photography has never been my forte. I wish the effect of appearing old and young at the same time could be done on purpose that would be awesome particularly for wizards! I know there is a painting optical illusion effect where you can make it look like the eyes are following the viewer no matter where they stand to look at the work, (I haven't tried this yet but looks fun).


Derek, thanks for the great advice, I appreciate it very much! I'll make these adjustments!

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