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03078: Pearl the Mermaid


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I had to practice a bit before I got the hang of pinning. Tho it is much easier to drill/pin before you paint, that way you can easily patch up the joins and smooth them out so it all looks seamless.


Your color choice is great. Very vivid and such a dynamic figure, the colors really compliment her. I do second the idea of bringing in a few brighter highlights. A little yellow here and there on the scales would really "pop" the colors. Not a lot, just a touch on the areas where the brightest highlights would be.



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So the colors pop out a lot more in person than they do in the photos. The photos are also slightly grainy. I think part of the problem is that I need some very white lights to take the photos instead of the off yellows, especially since the mini is mostly orange and yellow. The pinning problem is still a real shame. I think if I tried to add green stuff to it, it would be really obvious. But I could be wrong. The bottom of the base needs a little more sand and paint to it.



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The colors will look a lot better in the photos if you use a blue or gray background. White is about the worst background color as the software will need to adjust for the White and will end up washing out your colors in the picture.


She's looking very nice. The hair could use another level of highlights. I'd take them almost to white.


The fins are very beautiful and well done. The skin could use a little mode shading in a few areas.


Can't wait to see the final.



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